B.B. King Style Solos Package

The B.B. King Style Solos Package by Jody Worrell features six downloadable guitar lessons. You will learn the timing, note selection, bends, vibrato, and famous "box position" that all combine to create King's unique phrasing. In each lesson, Jody will teach you how to play the solo with note by note instruction and then demonstrate it along with a backing track. The included lessons are B.B. King Style Solos 1 & 2, B.B. King Style Minor Solos 1 & 2, and B.B. King Style Major Key Solos 1 & 2. Each lesson features a Quicktime video, .mp3 jam tracks, and a .pdf of the tabs. This package contains two hours of video instruction. $35.94 $29.95

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This package is also available as a Book/DVD


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