Blues Note Riffs

Blues Note Riffs is a free video lesson that will teach you a few standard riffs using the blues scale. We'll learn a lick and then learn other places on the neck where we can play it. In the video we will use the audio jam track "Am blues", which is track 4, from the Let's Jam! Blues and Rock CD. Once you finished the lesson if you want to learn more Stevie Ray Vaughan style licks, try our Classic Blues Licks lesson.

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Let's review the Blues Scale in the key of A. Remember you can use this scale over major or minor chords. It all depends on the sound you are going for.

Here’s the first riff using the A Blues Scale.

I can play this riff in another position.

And here’s another place I can play the same exact riff.

If I use the Extended Am Pentatonic scale, I can attach all three riffs. First let's review the scale.

Now attach all three licks. Play along with the video to get the feel for this. Here’s another Blues riff ala Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Now let’s hear what these licks sound like in context with track 4 of the Let's Jam! Blues and Rock CD.

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