Am Pentatonic Licks

Am Pentatonic Licks by Peter Vogl will teach you how to play over a standard minor blues progression. This free video lesson uses the blues backing track "Am blues", from the Let's Jam! Blues and Rock. We'll start by learning the A Minor Pentatonic Scale in both the first position and the extended version. The most widely used position is called 1st position because the first note of the scale is an A, the tonic of the scale, and it starts on the 6th string. Peter will then teach you three different licks using notes from the scale. We'll practice each lick along with the backing track so you can hear it in context. To learn more soloing ideas like this, check out Jody Worrell's Am Blues Licks premium lesson. a minor pentatonic licks

1st Position A Minor Pentatonic Scale (Printable Tab)

Am Pentatonic Scale

Extended Am Pentatonic Scale. Notice this scale is extended lower and higher. Try using both of these scales to solo over the Am blues.

Extended Am Pentatonic Scale

Here is a lick using the Am pentatonic scale.

Am Pentatonic Lick Tab

Here is the tab for lick 2

Am pentatonic lick 2

And here is our last lick using the Am Pentatonic Scale.

Am pentatonic riff 3

Try these licks out. Watch the video examples and try to imitate the phrasing. Phrasing refers to the way the notes are played, much like the way we speak. Emphasize some notes, slowing down, speeding up, etc. Once you have mastered these licks, make them your own by changing them up slightly.

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