How to Play in a Drop D Tuning

beginner guitar free lessonHow to Play in a Drop D Tuning is a free video guitar lesson by Peter Vogl. The lesson will start off with the basics of showing you how to tune your low E string down to a D. Peter will then show you three chord shapes that you can use out of this tuning. For more tips, chords, and licks check out Peter's Drop D Premium Lessons.


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Here are some of the new chords you can play out of a Drop D Tuning


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drop d tuning lessonDrop D Tuning 1 by Peter Vogl is a downloadable Quicktime video lesson covering how to play guitar using a Drop D tuning. By tuning the low E string on the guitar down a full step to a D, you open up a lot of possibilities. Peter will walk you through the basics of this alternate tuning and playing special chords and scales. We will then put all of these concepts together to create a fun chord progression. The download includes a .pdf of the the tabs and chord charts. $4.99

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