Oh Mary Don't You Weep

Oh Mary Don't You Weep is a free guitar lesson by Roger Hurricane Wilson. The video will teach you a beginning to intermediate version of this famous song that was recently covered on Bruce Springsteen's Seeger Sessions album. We'll start off by learning the chords to the song and a simple strumming pattern. Roger will then teach you a single note melody line to play over the progression. Below you will find the chords, tab, and lyrics for Oh Mary Don't You Weep. If you enjoy this lesson check out Roger's John Henry premium lesson.

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oh mary dont you weep tab

Rhythm Pattern

oh mary dont you weep chords

Oh Mary Don't You Weep Lyrics

oh mary dont you weep lyrics

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John Henry Guitar ChordsJohn Henry by Roger "Hurricane" Wilson is a downloadable Quicktime video lesson for acoustic guitar. This traditional folk song has recently gained knew life after being covered on Bruce Spingsteen's album We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions. Roger will start by teaching you the chords and two different strum patterns and then practice the whole song with you. We will play the song with a capo at the first fret to match the album version. You will then learn to play a simple single note melody line that can be used as a lead part. The download also includes a .pdf of the chord charts and tablature. Watch a Preview