James Taylor Style Lick

James Taylor Style Lick is a free video lesson for acoustic guitar by Peter Vogl. We will learn a fingerpicking lick in the style of James Taylor. Chordal riffs were prevalent in James Taylor's playing and are a great way to bring life to a fingerpicking pattern. This run is based out of the A major chord so we'll start by reviewing that chord. To learn more, check out the James Taylor Style Chordal Licks premium lesson.

Here is the tab for our fingerpicking lick in the style of James Taylor

james taylor guitar tab


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james taylor guitar lessonJames Taylor Style Chordal Licks by Peter Vogl is a downloadable Quicktime video lesson that will teach you some fingerpicking guitar concepts. We'll work on some James Taylor style chord riffs that focus on ways you can dress up the open A and D chords. Using hammer ons, pull offs, and short runs can liven up a simple chord progression. Included in the download is a .pdf with the tablature for this lesson.

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