Easy Acoustic Guitar Progression

Easy Acoustic Progression is a free guitar lesson for acoustic guitar by Peter Vogl. You will learn how to play the chord progression featured on Track 17 (G Ballad) of the Let's Jam! Unplugged CD. Peter will start by teaching you how to play the chords and then move on to the strum pattern. You will then have the opportunity to practice along with a rhythm track. This progression (G, D, Am) and strum pattern are similar to Knockin on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan. Check out our Most Common Strum Pattern premium lesson to learn more about playing rhythm guitar.

Let's start by reviewing the chords used in this song

easy guitar chord progression

Here is the strum pattern that we will use.

easy strum pattern

After you've mastered these strum patterns try playing along with Track 17(G Ballad) of the Let's Jam! Unplugged CD.

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