Acoustic G Ballad Lick

G Ballad Lick is a free video lesson for acoustic guitar by Peter Vogl. You will learn how to play an acoustic guitar lick in a ballad setting. The lick we're going to learn today uses a pedal tone to create a unique sound. Peter will take you step by step through playing the lick so that you understand how to play it correctly. If you want to learn how to play a complete acoustic guitar solo check out our G Ballad Solos lesson.

Here is the tab for the lick we're going to learn

acoustic guitar riff tab

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acoustic guitar solo lessonG Ballad Solos by Peter Vogl is a downloadable Quicktime video lesson that will teach you how to play a couple of acoustic guitar solos over the jam track G Ballad from the Let's Jam! Unplugged CD. These solos can be played on an acoustic or electric guitar and use the G Major Pentatonic, G Major Diatonic, and G Blues scales. Included in the download are tabs for both solos as well as an .mp3 of G Ballad so you can practice these new soloing ideas.

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