Strum Pattern Tricks

Strum Pattern Tricks is a free lesson for acoustic guitar by Peter Vogl. You will learn how to play the chord progression featured on Track 5 (D Ballad) of the Let's Jam! Unplugged CD. The progression features the D, G, A, and Em chords. Peter will show you several ways to spice up this chord progession by adding some strumming techniques. First he'll cover playing a mixture of strums and picked notes from the chord. Peter will then teach how to play a drag strum and how to combine it with hammer ons on the chord notes. Practice these techniques and then apply them to other chord progressions you know to add some variety to your rhythm playing. For extended instruction, check out Peter's Creating Strum Patterns premium lesson package.

Let's start by reviewing the chords used in this song

chord chart

The strum pattern for this song will also include the picking of a few individual notes.

strum pattern

After you've mastered these strum patterns try playing along with Track 5 (D Ballad) of the Let's Jam! Unplugged CD.

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guitar strum lessonsThe Creating Strum Patterns Lesson Package by Peter Vogl is a collection of downloadable video lessons designed to improve your rhythm guitar playing. For many beginning to intermediate players, learning and creating new strum patterns can be a daunting task. These lessons will teach you a trick for practicing your strumming that allows you to really focus on the rhythm. You'll also learn a large variety of strum patterns using techniques like constant motion, syncopation, accents, stops, and double downs. Once you complete these lessons you should feel confident improvising your own strum patterns when jamming. Each lesson includes a Quicktime video and a .pdf of the tabs and chord charts. You can check out lessons 1-6 for more detailed information on each video. This package contains 147 minutes of video instruction. Watch a Preview