Bending Tricks

Bending Tricks is a free video lesson by Peter Vogl that will teach you three ways to incorporate bends into your licks. The licks will come from three different positions of the Em Pentatonic Scale which we'll review. The first lick will teach you how to quickly play three bends in a row. The second lick features a bend with a graduated release to create different note values. Our last lick includes a finger tap in the middle of the bend. After learning the licks, we'll practice them over track 13, Em at 250, of the Let's Jam! Hard Rock. To learn more interesting bends check out Jody Worrell's Blues Unison Bends premium lesson.

Here is the Em Pentatonic Scale at the 7th fret.

E minor Pentatonic scale 7th fret

The trick to Lick #1 is retaining the volume through all three bends

guitar bending lick tab

Let's review the Em Pentatonic Scale in the open position

open em pentatonic scale tab

Lick #2 requires some precision bending

graduated bending lick

Here is the Em Penatonic Scale at the 12th fret

em pentatonic scale 12th fret tab

Lick #3 features a finger tap

finger tapping bending lick tab


Now practice playing all of the licks over track 13, Em at 250, of the Let's Jam! Hard Rock.

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unison bendsBlues Unison Bends by Jody Worrell is a Quicktime video lesson that will teach you how to play some blues guitar licks over A7 and E7. All of the licks will feature a guitar technique called a unison bend that we'll play on the second and third strings. Through careful note selection we'll really outline the chord changes with each lick. Also included in the download is a practice jam track and a .pdf of the tablature.

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