Dm Pentatonic Licks

Dm Pentatonic Licks is a free guitar video lesson by Peter Vogl that will show you how to play several guitar licks in the key of D. We'll use the D Minor Pentatonic scale in several positions to create licks to play over track 11, Static in D, of the Let's Jam! Hard Rock. The licks feature bends, double stops, and hammer ons. To learn more licks like this, check out our Rock Guitar Tools lesson package.

Printable Tab

Let's start by reviewing the Dm Pentatonic Scale

Dm Pentatonic scale

Here's our first lick

Dm Pentatonic Lick

Now let's check out the Dm Penatonic Scale at the 10th fret

Dm Pentatonic Scale 10th Fret

Pay careful attention to Lick 2

D minor Pentatonic Lick 2

The third lick uses the Dm Pentatonic Scale again but this time we're including an extra note, the note B, which is sometimes called the dorian note.

Dm Penatonic Lick 3 tab

Now practice playing all of the licks over track 11, Static in D, of the Let's Jam! Hard Rock.

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