Switching Scales

Switching Scales is a free video lesson for electric guitar by Peter Vogl. You will learn three different licks that come from the A Mixolydian and F# Blues Scale. We'll practice these licks over track 6, Nasty Shuffle, of the Let's Jam! Hard Rock. You'll find that these licks will sound different depending on what chord they are played over. You'll want to experiment and figure out which chords you prefer to play these licks over. The first lick contains a series of pull offs and can be played extremely fast. You can often hear licks like this in Joe Satriani and Ozzy Osbourne songs. The second lick contains a combination of hammers ons and pull offs. The third lick is a great rock riff that uses bends. To learn some more rocking riffs check out Jody Worrell's Eric Johnson Style Licks Premium Lesson.

Here is the A Mixolydian Scale

A Mixolydian Scale tab

Now let's learn how to play the first lick

pull offs guitar lick

Let's review the A Mixolydian Scale at the 5th fret

A Mixolydian Scale 5th Fret

Here is the tab for our second lick.

hammer on pull off lick

Here's a refresher of the F# Blues Scale at the 2nd fret

f# blues scale 2nd fret

Let's take a try at Lick #3

rock guitar lick


Now practice playing all of the licks over track 6, Nasty Shuffle, of the Let's Jam! Hard Rock.

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