Voice Leading Within the 2-5-1

Voice Leading Within the 2-5-1 is a free jazz guitar lesson by Guy Fenocchi. By using specific chords in a progression you can also create a melody through harmonic movement. Guy will teach you how to play the 2-5-1 in both C and F with voice leading chords. In the first example, the highest note of the chord voicing (2nd string) creates the melody. From D-9 to G13 it stays the same, then drops a half step for G+7, and again for C9. In our second progression, the melody will move up. To learn more chord voicings like this check out Guy's 2-5-1 Progression in Two Keys lesson.

voice leading chord progression

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2-5-1 Progression in Two Keys2-5-1 Progression in Two Keys by Guy Fenocchi is a downloadable lesson for jazz guitar. We'll take a beginner look at the 2-5-1 progression from a rhythm and chords point of view. Guy will start by teaching you the chords to play through the progression in C Major. You will learn an additional set of chord voicings that you can also use. Both sets of chords will be practiced along with a rhythm track of bass and drums. We will then walk through the same process with a progression in F Major. Finally, Guy will demonstrate how to switch back and forth between the keys. Watch a Preview