Jazz Concepts Lesson Package

The Jazz Concepts Lesson Package by Guy Fenocchi is a collection of downloadable video lessons that are designed to teach you the concepts and music theory basics that are required for playing jazz guitar. You'll learn the jazz counterparts to the basic open and major triad chords that are often heard in rock. Learning these chords will help your understanding of jazz and give you the arsenal you need to play 2-5-1 and other progressions in a variety of keys. Guy will also teach you about the Ionian and Dorian modes and use that as a base to begin your lead playing. The included lessons are Major vs Major 7 Chords, Minor vs Minor 7 Chords, G Major vs Dominant 7th Chords, Half Diminished vs Dim 7th Chords, Using C Ionian Mode, and Using D Dorian Mode. Each lesson inclues a Quicktime video and a .pdf of the tabs. This package contains 103 minutes of video instruction. $29.94 $24.95

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