John Scofield Style Lick

John Scofield Style Lick is a free jazz guitar video lesson by Guy Fenocchi. We will take a look at the half step whole step scale which is one approach that John Scofield uses over dominant type chords. Symmetrical scales are tricky to work into melodic ideas so you'll need to spend some time working with this concept. To learn more, check out our John Scofield Style Lines premium lesson.

Here is the tab for our lick out of the half step whole step scale.

john scofield tab

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john scofield guitar lessonsJohn Scofield Style Lines by Guy Fenocchi is a downloadable Quicktime video lesson on playing lead jazz guitar. This lesson will look at using the diminished scale in the style of John Scofield. We will achieve the Dominant Dimished sound by learning how to use a half step whole step scale and a diminished arpeggio. Guy will teach you how to play each of the lines in detail and then you will practice them over a rhythm track. Included in the download is a .pdf of the tabs.

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