All The Things You Are - Intro

All The Things You Are - Intro will teach you how to play the intro part to this classic jazz tune. This eight bar section contains a mixture of licks and chords that lead into the song's progression. Guy will provide note by note instruction on how to play this piece. To learn the chord progression, some soloing ideas, and get to play along with a backing track, check out Let's Jam! Jazz Standards.

all the things you are into

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Jazz Standards Backing TracksLet’s Jam! Jazz Standards Download by Guy Fenocchi contains backing tracks for Take the 'A' Train, Yesterdays, All the Things You Are, and seven more of the most famous jazz tunes ever written. This collection of audio .mp3 tracks is a great tool for practicing comping or soloing ideas. The included .pdf booklet provides the chord charts and progression for each song. We've also included the tab for three suggested scales and a lick on every song. Let's Jam! Jazz Standards allows you to practice and warmup when there aren't other musicians around. The tracks contain bass, drums, and either keyboards or rhythm guitar. Listen to Sample Tracks