G Major Pentatonic Licks

This free video lesson by Billy Wilkie covers three jazz guitar licks out of the G Major Pentatonic scale. We'll first take a look at the G Major Pentatonic Scale itself and then cover each of the licks. In the video we will use the audio backing track "Things in G" which is track 2 from the Let's Jam! Jazz & Blues CD.


Watch the lesson: Quicktime or Youtube



Let's start by taking a look at the Major Pentatonic Scale

g major pentatonic scale

Now let's learn how to play Lick 1.

Here's Lick 2.

Our third lick features a triplet and a couple more slides.

Now let's play these licks over Things in G, which is the 2nd track on the Let's Jam! Jazz & Blues CD. We hope you've enjoyed the lesson and learned some licks that you can use.

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