D Country Lick

D Country Lick is a free online lesson for electric guitar by Jody Worrell. You will learn how to play a guitar lick in the key of D. We'll use a chicken pickin technique with our right hand and plenty of bends with our left hand. For more licks like this, check out Jody's D7 Licks premium download.

country guitar tab

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country guitar licks lessonD7 Licks by Jody Worrell is a follow up to our A7 Licks Lesson where we'll now look at the extensions we can play from a D7 chord. We'll learn a series of D7 licks and then look at playing the A7 and D7 licks over a chord progression. Jody will teach you how to play each lick with step by step instruction. The download includes a Quicktime video, .mp3 jam tracks, and a .pdf of the tabs.

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