Brent Mason Style Lick in E

Brent Mason Style Lick in E by Peter Vogl is a free video guitar lesson that will teach you a country guitar lick. Brent Mason has gained notoriety as a Nashville session player and a 12 time winner of the Academy of Country Music Guitarist of the Year Award. This is a fast lick that contains triplets and chromatic runs. Peter will teach you how to play the lick in detail, focusing on techniques like palm muting and picking style. This lick is an excerpt from the Brent Mason Style Solos in E. To learn more licks like this check out the premium Brent Mason Solo Package.

brent mason guitar lesson

Here is the tab for our lick

brent mason guitar tab

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brent mason lessonsThe Brent Mason Solo Package by Peter Vogl is a collection of Quicktime video lessons that will teach you a series of Brent Mason style country guitar solos. Brent Mason is an A-list session player in Nashville who has become famous for his work with Alan Jackson. Peter will highlight Mason's soloing style and traits like complex bends and fast riffs with ringing open notes. For each lesson Peter will teach you how to play the solo in detail and then practice it over a jam track. The included lessons are Old School Brent Mason Style, Solos in G, Solos in E Part 1 and 2, Solo in A, and Solo in D. This lesson package contains 147 minutes of video instruction. Watch a Preview