Albert Lee Style Lick

Albert Lee Style Lick by Jody Worrell is a free guitar lesson video for country guitar. This lesson will teach you how to play a lick in the style of country great Albert Lee. Albert's fluid and funky style of playing has inspired a variety of guitarists. First we'll cover how to play the lick in detail and then we'll practice it over a jam track. To learn more check out Jody's Albert Lee Style Solo premium lesson.

Here's the tab for our Albert Lee Style Lick

albert lee tabs

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albert lee lessonAlbert Lee Style Solo by Jody Worrell is a downloadable Quicktime video lesson that will teach you a country guitar solo. This lesson is in the style of country guitar hero Albert Lee and features his precision bends, chord specific lines, and a twangy sound. This 8 bar solo is taught in detail by covering two measures at a time and then practicing those parts over a jam track. Also included in the download is a .pdf of the tabs.

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