Chromatic Cross Stringing Scales

In this free country guitar lesson by Peter Vogl we'll explore chromatic cross stringing scales. This is a follow up to a previous video introducing cross stringing scales, so make sure to watch the Intro to Cross Stringing Scales lessons first. . We'll then play the licks we've learned over Track 3 (Cool County in G) of the Let's Jam! Country & Bluegrass.


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Remember, when playing a cross stringing scale, we are going across the strings to achieve an overlapping sound. For example, the G Major cross stringing scale:

g cross

When actually using cross stringing scales, I have found I hardly ever play the scale exactly as written. I include extra notes from minor 3rds, flat 7ths, to the blues note - a flat 5. If you don’t know what these note are, it’s okay, You'll hear the difference and pick it up by ear. So let’s take the G Major scale and make it more chromatic.

g cross

Now let’s try a D Major chromatic cross stringing scale.

d cross

Here's a twisted version of the C major cross stringing scale. It will twist the ear a bit.

c chromatic cross

Let’s hear these scales in context. We will use Track 3 of the Let's Jam! Country and Bluegrass. I'll demonstrate these scales in their entirety, but understand most players will use just a fragment of the scale, then go on to another idea.

Well that’s it for this lesson. I hope you learned something new and had fun. My name is Peter Vogl and I will see you again soon.

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