Country Thirds

This free country guitar lesson by Peter Vogl will teach you how to incorporate thirds into a country solo. We'll learn chord specific version of these intervals and how to fit them into our lead guitar playing. Using Track 2 (Chick'n Pick'n in A) of the Let's Jam! Country & Bluegrass as a backing track, we will practice these new concepts.


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Using the first two strings, here are thirds in the key of A.


Here are thirds in the key of A using the 2nd & 3rd strings

We're going to use these basic positions to play some licks. Let’s start with thirds played over a A major or A7 chord. In these examples, we will not stay strictly in the key of A, but use some chromatic licks.

Here is another lick

lick 4

Here is lick #5

Now let's try lick #6

Now we'll take the same basic licks and apply them to a D chord starting with lick #7

Here is another lick

Let's learn another one

Here is our final lick

Here is the hard part. You have to be able to apply them over the chords. When soloing and using these ideas, it is neccesary to be able to hear the chord changes and play these licks at the right time. Play along with Track 2 of the Let's Jam! Country and Bluegrass CD.

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