Beginning Flatpicking Lead-In Runs

Flatpicking Lead-In Runs by David Ellis is a free video lesson for bluegrass guitar. We will learn seven different beginner level runs to use while switching chords. David will provide note by note instruction on playing these licks that will help you switch from the D chord to G chord, G to C, G to D, and C to D. These bass note runs are an integral part of bluegrass rhythm guitar. To move from playing basic rhythm on to lead runs, check out our Easy Flatpicking Songs package of premium lessons.

flatpicking lead in runs

Here is the tab for our lead-in runs (printable tab)

flatpicking lead-in runs tab

lead-in runs 2

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bluegrass guitar lessonThe Easy Flatpicking Songs Package by David Ellis is a collection of downloadable video lessons for bluegrass guitar. You will learn how to play basic breaks to twelve famous Bluegrass standards. David will teach you how to play each song in detail and then demonstrate it at several speeds. The songs taught in this package are: Wildwood Flower, Old Joe Clark, John Hardy, Way Downtown, Cripple Creek, Shady Grove, 9lb Hammer, Salt Creek, and Red Haired Boy. Each lesson includes a Quicktime video and a .pdf of the tab. This package contains over two hours of video instruction.

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