Basic Bluegrass Rhythm

flatpicking guitar lessonsBasic Bluegrass Rhythm by Peter Vogl is a free video lesson for bluegrass guitar. This lesson will teach you some basic bluegrass strums. The alternating bass strums are the basis for bluegrass rhythm guitar. We will discuss ways you can play the G, C, and D chords in this style.


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Here are the chord shapes we'll use for this lesson

chord chart

Here is the bass strum pattern for G

bluegrass tab

Here is the bass strum pattern for C

bluegrass rhythm tab

And now here is the bass strum pattern for D

d strum pattern

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bluegrass guitar lessonBluegrass Bass Lines by Peter Vogl is a downloadable Quicktime video lesson covering basic bluegrass guitar strums and bass lines. The alternating bass strum patterns and bass runs played on the guitar help give bluegrass it's unique sound and rhythm. We'll cover in detail the G major scale, some basic strum patterns, and several bass lines to link these chords together. Also included in the download is a .pdf with tabs and chord charts. $4.99

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