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flatpicking guitar lessonsMore Scales & Exercises by Bert Casey is a free lesson for bluegrass guitar. This is a follow up to our Scales & Warmup Exercises lesson. After you have mastered the G Scale, down up picking, and the ascending & descending 4 note exercises, you are ready to add some more notes.





Most flatpickers don't stick to the major scales. They will often use a flat 3rd or flat 7th. In the key of G, use a Bb instead of a B (b3rd) or an F instead of an F# (b7th). Here is this scale.

flat scale

Once again, we'll use this in a four note exercise.

flat ascending

Now try the descending exercise.

b descending

There are lots of examples of this in Flatpicking Guitar Songs. Look at Old Joe Clark and Sally Goodin.

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