Sally Goodin

flatpicking guitar lessonsSally Goodin by Bert Casey is an excerpt from Flatpicking Guitar Songs. Below you will find the tab for the 1st break of the blugrass classic Old Joe Clark. For this song we're going to use a capo on the 2nd fret. To get ready for a bluegrass jam you can practice this break over track 23 from the Let's Jam! Country & Bluegrass.





Here is the tablature for Sally Goodin

sally goodin guitar tabs

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bluegrass guitar lessonImprovising with G Licks by Curtis Jones is a downloadable Quicktime video guitar lesson covering some bluegrass guitar concepts. In this video we will learn a series of flatpicking guitar licks in the key of G. We will then learn how we can insert these licks over a jam track of Rolling in My Sweet Baby's Arms. Each lick will be played at two different speeds and then shown in the context of the jam track. Included in the download is a .pdf of the tablature and two .mp3 jam tracks. $4.99

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