Guitar Sitting Positions

Guitar Sitting Positions by Peter Vogl is a free video lesson that will show you three different sitting positions for playing guitar. It can often be a struggle for a beginning guitarist to choose between what is comfortable and what's considered proper form. Peter will show you a casual seated position, a classical guitar sitting position that uses a foot stool, and a knee up position. The constant idea is to keep your body loose and relaxed while also maintaining control of the guitar. Any tension or stress in your body can negatively affect your guitar playing. To learn more about playing guitar, check out our Beginner Guitar Download Package

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beginner guitar lessonsThe Beginner Guitar Package by Peter Vogl contains six downloadable video lessons for the absolute beginning guitarist. You will learn how to hold the guitar and pick, how to play notes, easy melodies, beginner chords and strums, and more. These downloadable Quicktime video lessons are designed for someone who has never played guitar before and will teach them all of the necessary fundamentals for becoming a guitarist. The included lessons are Beginning Guitar Lessons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. This package contains over 2 hours of video instruction.

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