How to Hold a Guitar Pick & Strum Motion

How to Hold a Guitar Pick & Strum Motion by Peter Vogl will teach you all about proper right hand technique for playing guitar. We'll start by covering how to hold the guitar pick in your hand. This isn't the only way to hold the pick, but it's pretty standard and will allow for quick success. Peter suggests that you place the pick between your thumb and index finger. The pick should be about half way in and rest on the first digit of your index finger. You can watch the video for more precise instruction. As we move on to strumming motion, it's important to use your right arm instead of just your wrist. You want the right arm to be moving from the elbow and to keep your wrist relaxed. You should not be anchoring your wrist or any fingers on the guitar itself. You want a full range of motion. To learn more esential guitar techniques, check out our Beginner Guitar Package.

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