How to Tune a Guitar

How to Tune a Guitar is a free video lesson for beginner guitar by Jody Worrell that will teach all about tuning a guitar. In the video we use an electric guitar but the same principles apply to tuning an acoustic guitar. We'll first cover how to use a guitar tuner. Jody will walk you through the tuning of each string and how to tune it to the proper note. You will learn a few secrets to get your guitar tuned quickly and accurately. Jody will also show you how tune your guitar to itself. It's important to tune your guitar before each practice session so that your ear can get used to hearing the correct sounds. To learn more about how to play a guitar check out our Beginner Guitar Package.

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beginner guitar lessonsThe Beginner Guitar Package by Peter Vogl contains six downloadable video lessons for the absolute beginning guitarist. You will learn how to hold the guitar and pick, how to play notes, easy melodies, beginner chords and strums, and more. These downloadable Quicktime video lessons are designed for someone who has never played guitar before and will teach them all of the necessary fundamentals for becoming a guitarist. The included lessons are Beginning Guitar Lessons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. This package contains over 2 hours of video instruction.

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