The Beginner Guitar Package Vol. 2

The Beginner Guitar Package Vol. 2 by Peter Vogl contains the next six lessons following our first package on beginning guitar. This series of downloadable lessons covers what you would learn from a teacher after a few months of lessons and practice. You will learn strumming patterns, more advanced picking techniques, new chords and scales, and more. These lessons will give you the tools you need to play a wide variety of popular songs and headed towards playing with others and creating your own material. Each of these downloads includes a Quicktime video and a .pdf of any chord charts or tablature used in the lesson. The included lessons are The Most Common Strum Pattern, Practicing New Scales with Tracks, Playing Bass Notes and a Waltz, Beginner Fingerpicking, Playing Arpeggios, and Chord Planing. This package contains over two hours of video instruction. $35.94 $29.95 (Click here for the Book/DVD)

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