Beginner Guitar Scales

Beginner Guitar Scales is a free lesson by Peter Vogl that will teach you three basic guitar scales. These are the first set of scales that Peter teaches students regardless of what type of music they are interested in playing. These are open or first position versions of the Pentatonic, Blues, and Major Scales. Later on, you will use different notes from a scale to create a melody line or guitar solo. Learning how to play these scales smoothly will get you on your way to playing lead guitar. Below you will find the video lesson and tab for each of the scales. To learn more about guitar scales, check out our Beginner Scales & Alternate Picking premium lesson.

The first scale we will learn is the Em pentatonic scale. It's a five note scale that's widely used and fairly easy to play.

em pentatonic scale

Now let’s learn the E blues scale. The E blues scale is a 6 note scale very similar to the Em pentatonic scale. We simply add one note, the flat 5.

e blues scale

Here is the G Major Scale. It is a 7 note scale.

G major scale

Practice these open position scales until you have them memorized.

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Beginner Scales LessonLesson 3: Beginner Scales & Alternate Picking by Peter Vogl will cover beginner techniques for both the left and right hand. Alternate Picking involves striking the string with downwards and upwards motions. Peter will share some drills and tips to help you learn this picking technique. Learn how to alternate pick allows you to play faster and requires less effort. We'll also take our first look at guitar scales. We'll learn the E Blues Scale, G Major Scale, A Minor Scale, and the Chromatic Scale. The download includes a Quicktime video and a .pdf of the tablature.

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