Free Guitar Lessons has been your online source for professional quality guitar lesson videos since 2001. Our teachers have created a large collection of guitar lessons in a variety of difficulty levels and genres. You can start with some beginner lessons that will teach you how to play guitar. For the more advanced guitarists, learn licks and solos for acoustic, blues, electric, jazz, country, or metal guitar.

Featured Free Guitar Lesson

Albert King Style Lick by Jody Worrell is a free lesson that will teach you a blues lick featuring some big bends in the middle of an upbeat line. Jody will show you how some specific technique choices have a big effect on how your bends sound. Practice and precision on these bends will help you to create the exact tone that you're looking for. Learn how to play the lick with the on-screen tab and then practice it along with Jody and the jam track. To learn more, check out our Blues Legends lesson package.

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Guitar Lesson AppCheck out our Free Guitar Videos App which is available for iPhone & iPad or Android Phones & Tablets. The app contains over 70 video lessons from this site along with tabs. This is a great way to continue practicing guitar when you're away from the computer. Same quality instruction and video, just a little easier to navigate when you're on the go.

We also have a video podcast and free ebook featuring our free lessons.


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